Josie's Cabin & Box Canyon Trail

Josie's Cabin
Josie's Cabin

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​Josie Morris Cabin and the Box Canyon Trail are located at the very end of the Auto Tour in the Dinosaur National Monument. The Wall of Bones is not yet open (June 2020) due to Covid-19, so this is a great option, especially as it gets hotter.

Josie built many cabins (with her own two hands), and you can see the last one standing at the end of Cub Trail Road.

Josie lived by herself with her cattle and fields and fields of irises.

She created her own water source and lived off the land.

Walk the dirt floors of Josie's Cabin and try to imagine yourself living there, all by yourself without electricity or running water.

Be sure to walk the trail around the pond. Follow the trails, and you'll find yourself in fields and fields of wild irises.

Just across the parking lot is the short Box Canyon Hike. Josie would corral her cattle in Box Canyon. You'll even find evidence of her old fencing system there.

Walk-in Josie's footsteps once again and find yourself in a beautiful canyon surrounded by wildflowers and rock cliffs.

Box Canyon Hike is a short trail that's relatively level with a few steps and bridges.

You might even find some monarch butterflies, which frequent this area.

Plan on about 30 minutes for this short hike.

There are plenty of picnic areas in the shade, too, so pack a lunch and be sure to add Josie's Cabin and Box Canyon to your Vernal Itinerary!


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