2 Days in the Carbon Corridor

Helper, Utah signs
Helper, Utah signs

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There's a lot to see in Cabon County! Spend a couple of hours in Helper, visit Price, and adventure in the San Rafael Swell.

Day 1 - Helper

Helper is an old mining town that has since turned into a very hip, artsy, historic town. Don't just drive by, take it slow. Park on Main Street by Big John and take a stroll. The murals, neon lighting, and restaurants are worth stopping to see. Take a short detour to the Helper Riverwalk too and walk across a suspension bridge and climb the enormous flight of stairs on the other side. 

If you still have some energy, head out to Gordon Creek Falls for an awesome hike and a huge waterfall.

Camping is available in the nearby Price Canyon Recreation Area, or stay at the motel or RV park in town.

Day 2 - Price and the San Rafael Swell

Price has a great historic downtown. Take a drive and check out some of the shops and amazing signage.  If you want some classic drive-in food, stop by Sherald's as you make your way through town.

If it's hot outside, the Desert Wave Pool in Price is always worth a stop. It's one of the few wave pools in the state.

When you're ready for some outdoor adventure, head on down to Buckhorn Wash Road in the San Rafael Swell. Plan on a full day in the sun. Pack your snacks, water, and meals. The Buckhorn Wash is just the beginning of the Swell. Bring your camera, you won't believe your eyes. There are some amazing things to see within a few miles of each other - The Morrison Knudsen Tunnels, Ruin Arch, a dinosaur footprint, and some amazing petroglyphs.

All of these places are easily accessible except the arch. The arch can be viewed from the valley floor, but if you want to climb up to it you'll need to be prepared for a scramble up a steep trail. Most grade-school aged kids should be able to make the climb as long as they aren't afraid of heights. :)

There are hundreds of great camping spots in the Swell. If you want to stay the night there, just pull up inside rock alcove or next to a cliff face, and set up camp for the night. If you'd rather not rough it, head back to Price where there are plenty of great places to stay.

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