5 Fabulous Stops in Tooele County

Baymax the Van at Bonneville Salt Flats
Baymax the Van at Bonneville Salt Flats

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Have you decided it's finally time to visit the Bonneville Salt Flats? Are you worried there isn't much to do heading out west on I-80? There is plenty to do and see. 

We've compiled a sweet list of roadside oddities and natural beauties. All along I-80 you'll find random art installations, evidence of people getting stuck trying to drive on the wet, crusty earth, love messages made out of rocks and even our own Utah Loch Ness. 

Tree of Utah

It's kind of a sad tree now, but it's always a fun stop to stretch your legs. 

Delle Bus

You'll see a bus being consumed by the Tooele desert on the south side of I-80, don't worry, it's easier to access it coming back into Salt Lake City from the Salt Flats. 

Bonneville Seabase

Need to brush up on your Scuba Diving? Here's the perfect place to Scuba certify. Or if you just want to take a dip with some tropical fish in the middle of the desert, we've got just the place! 

Bonneville Salt Flats

40 square miles of salty crusty earth. Race you cars, brings some bikes, have a picnic, bring your remote control car, lick the salt (well don't really) and watch the sunset. 

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