Hot Springs, Pando & Capitol Reef

Cassidy Arch View
Cassidy Arch View

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What does a Hot Spring, Pando and Capitol Reef have in common? Making a #UTAWESOME Trip! Leave after work Friday and come home Sunday. Cover some unknown parts of Utah in Richfield and Fish Lake.

On the Way to Capitol Reef National Park
  • Wake up in Richfield. 
  • Grab a doughnut from GGs in Monroe.
  • Visit either Mystic Hot Springs (entrance fee) or Red Hills Hot Springs (free.)
  • Head over to Fremont Indian State Park. You could spend at least a half-day there or even longer. 
  • Take the scenic route to Capitol Reef National Park through Fish Lake National Forest. Drive by the world's biggest organism, Pando! 
  • If you love geocaches and random side road attractions, visit Bum Rock.
  • Drive down to Fish Lake Lodge and walk the grounds. Grab a bite to eat too. 
Full Day at Capitol Reef National Park
  • Hickman Bridge – The most popular hike. It’s moderate but very family-friendly. Overs plenty of amazing views and lizard watching.
  • Sulphur Creek – A fun hike if you are visiting in the middle of the summer. Prepare to walk through water.
  • Visit the Orchard and get ice cream or pie. After a good hike stop and visit. Pies are made daily. Plenty of picnic area.
  • Picnic in the orchard. So much shade and grass. You’ll probably spot some deer as well.

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