Richfield & Fish Lake in 2 Days

Things to do in Richfield Utah
Things to do in Richfield Utah

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Sevier County is packed full of awesome things to see and do.  If you've only got a weekend, here are our favorites:

Day 1 - Richfield and Monroe

There's way more to do in Richfield and the surrounding area than will fit into a single day, but if you are limited to one, don't miss these spots.

There are two hot springs listed. Mystic is amazing and everyone should go there once, but it's a bit pricey.  If you're on a budget, skip that and head over to Red Hills Hot Springs, which is very closeby and free to the public.

GG's is a great breakfast spot, as is Little Wonder Cafe. Steve' Steakhouse is one of the best dinner places in town, but it does get busy, so get there early if you want to avoid a long wait.

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