Trains, Arches, Great Salt Lake, Spiral Jetty

Golden Spike National Monument Train
Golden Spike National Monument Train

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What do some trains, a hot spring, an arch, the Great Salt Lake, and an art installation have in common? One crazy filled day in Utah!

Utah is the state where the east met the west in little Box Elder County. If you haven't been to Golden Spike National Monument at least once in your life, it's just no complete. Golden Spike National Monument is literally in the middle of nowhere, but there is plenty to see and just one of the many places you can stop. 

Old Indian Hot Springs (aka Stinky Springs)

Old Indian Hot Springs, aka Stinky Springs is a fun/weird/cool/crazy stop all in one. You can stop for a quick dip in the three pools and you'll most likely have the place to yourself. 

Chinese Arch

A quick hike or drive right up to the Arch - named for the Chinese workers who built the railroad. 

Golden Spike National Monument

Where the east met the west. These steam locomotives are truly amazing to see in person. The hand paint job is something to behold. You'll maybe need an hour or more. Plan accordingly so you can watch the trains chug into the park. 

Spiral Jetty

If you've been in any art class, you've probably heard about The Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake. Walkthrough the Spiral Jetty, hike to the lookout, and then head on out to the sometimes Pink Great Salt Lake! Be on the look out as you drive out to the Sprial Jetty for a herd of wild horses! 

Pink Great Salt Lake!

Sometimes, the Great Salt Lake is Pink! The pink color of the northern waters is the result of the pigmented, salt-loving microbes. It's kind of amazing to see.

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