Baker Hot Springs

Baker Hot Springs
Baker Hot Springs

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Baker Hot Springs is where we met our first skinny dipper! It was dusk after all and we've always heard that after night, you'll find skinny dippers. 

Luckily, he was a super polite skinny dipper and asked first. He asked so politely we didn't even mind. He was super polite so all we ever saw was his butt crack. I figured I've seen plenty of those in my day, skinny dipping or not, so I wasn't even offended. But, this is also the reason we don't have photos of the other two pools. 

We sat there, the three of us, and chatted in the springs for an hour or so, watching the sunset. Our skinny dipper frequents the hot springs often and said that they were MUCH hotter than normal. He's been visiting for over 10 years and has seen many changes throughout the years. There wasn't much cold water flowing into the pools, which could be the reason for the hotter temperatures.

We got a good history lesson about the springs. Skinny Dipper said that every year there are multiple groups that come and visit. They'll camp for a few days, bring some pumps, clean out the hot springs and scrub everything down. Some groups come and clean up trash too. 

Baker Hot Springs are by far the hottest springs I've ever been to in Utah. The water is near scalding I'd say. I believe in having bath water so hot that your skin should be pink, but even this water was super hot to me. There are three concrete tubs, each one getting cooler as you go down. The tubs are extremely mossy and thus soooo slippery.

Be very careful. You can walk up further to see the springs, but the signs there indicate that the earth is thin and you could fall through into the scalding water. So be careful. 

You can also camp nearby, you just need to camp far enough from the springs. There were even some fire rings. We picked up some trash on our way out. Make sure to clean up after yourselves. 


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