Beach day at Red Fleet State Park

Red Fleet State Park Beach
Red Fleet State Park Beach

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As mentioned in our previous post about Red Fleet, there are two ways to see the dinosaur tracks. One way is the hike the 1.7 round trip hike through the desert. The other requires about the same amount of work but it also comes with a beach! 

If you don't want to do the hike through the desert (but you should at least once, it's beautiful), you can always make it a beach day instead. Find a spot along the beach and bring some kind of watercraft to take you across the water. 

We brought paddleboards to shuttle everyone across the way. Be sure to bring a life jacket as it's Utah law on any water. We heard rumors that the rangers ticket frequently for not wearing life jackets and we saw one on our trip doing that exact thing.  

While half of our crew went to see the dinosaur tracks (see picture of them here on our last post.) the other half stayed to play in the sand and water. 

I always joke, but also in complete seriousness, somehow, 90% of the time we go to hot places in the summer, some storm always follows us. I blame my husband, since he hates the sun. 

None of our kids were interstested in leaving the beach and since we had just hiked to the dinosaur tracks a few weeks ago, we didn't mind either. 

You can also rent paddleboards and kayaks here at the marina too. Can you see the husband jumping off the cliffs here?

We heard there was a second beach area (there's a right hand turn just after the main turn-off) and we hear it's not as busy. 

Next time you visit Vernal, be sure to hang out at the beach and get across to the Dinosaur Track site! 


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