Camping in the High Uinta Mountains near Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake Boardwalk near kamas
Mirror Lake Boardwalk near kamas

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In the early spring, my sister booked a couple of camp spots in the high Uinta Mountains. It's lucky that we got the spots because when we actually got there, we could NOT believe the crowds! We camped at the Sulphur Campgrounds a few miles past Mirror Lake. 

One of the nights we decided to go for a dusk drive to see if there was any wild life out and about. We didn't see any wildlife (probably because of the crowds) but we decided to stop at Mirror Lake. 

Somehow, there wasn't a huge crowd. Although the mosquitos were crazy, we decided to brave the bites. We put on a bunch of bug spray and walked around Mirror Lake. 

Such a pretty place and a pretty view of Bald Mountain. 

We even took a few minutes to fish. No fish, but we don't give up easy. 

The paths near the main parking lot area have some boardwalk through the marshes. I've heard you can see lots of moose if you time it just right. We took the family for a short walk. 

Since it was getting dark, we decided to come back the next day to walk all the way around and fish again. 

Have you been to Mirror Lake? What's your favorite thing to do there?


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