Camping in the Pit House at Fremont Indian State Park

Camping in the Pit House at Fremont Indian State Park
Camping in the Pit House at Fremont Indian State Park

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We've been eyeballing the Pit House at Fremont Indian State Park for a few months now. We were super excited to visit this past weekend. It was the perfect way to end our camping season. 

The Pit house is located in the Sam Stowe Campgrounds just east of the Fremont Indian Museum. The pit house is not actually in a pit, but built above ground, then covered with dirt and local plants. There's even a skylight. Original pit houses were dug in the ground and used a ladder to get in and out. We like the modernized concept. 

The surrounding scenery is gorgeous. 

The cliffs in the background with all the desert sage and rabbitbrush were beautiful too. 

The pit house is deceivingly larger than you'd think. It was super clean, air tight and rad!

There are six beds, 1 queen and 4 twin beds with plenty of room to spare. 

We loved the window/original entrance to the pithouse concept. 

The kids were super excited to pick their own beds. 

See what I mean about the scenery? It's amazing. We discovered a trail nearby and we'll be sharing about that trail soon. 

The kids were eager to start a fire, so we got right on that. If you forgot firewood, there is some available by the camp host. (Dirt cheap too, just bring your cash.)

The pit house has a fire pit, picnic table with some shade. The pit house is also the farthest campsite and it feels much more secluded. 

Chaco family for life. 

Growing up my favorite thing about camping was biking around, so we try to bring the bikes as often as possible.

There was a large tent site area that was empty nearby, but the kids called it the "sandpit." There they dug for hours. 

Last hot dog of the season (hopefully.) Gah...I'm tired of hotdogs. 

After our dogs and s'mores we told the kids they could watch a movie. Luckily, the pit house has lights and electricity! 

We were surprised by hot quiet the pit house was. The temperature inside the pit house stayed around 68 degrees, which felt just right to us. 

Our kids thought staying in the pit house was pretty magical. We (the adults) did too.

Here's where you can book the pit house. Under "Site Type" you need to select "Cabins, yurts or lodgings." If you are looking for an upgrade to your tent stay, we'd totally suggest the pit house!

Thanks to Utah's Trail Country for hosting us! 



Hi, like your post on the pit house...question, does have AC and/or stay cool?

The pit house stays cool inside, even in the middle of summer. There are electrical outlets in the house, so if you want some extra airflow, you could bring a small fan. You can also open the vent in the ceiling at night.

There's a plug-in radiator you can use during the winter months, though the house stays pretty warm on its own.

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