Cascade Falls at Navajo Lake

Cascade Falls at Navajo Lake
Cascade Falls at Navajo Lake

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Cascade Falls is a family-friendly hike located in Dixie National Forest in Southern Utah. The trailhead begins near Navajo Lake on Cedar Mountain.

The hike is fairly short, but it can be rough because it is in sun the entire way. There are tiny patches of shade, but not much. Because it can get so hot, it's best to do this hike in the morning or evening in the summertime.

The hike is located within the vicinity of Cedar Breaks National Monument, and it's surrounded by similar rock formations.

Even in the middle of summer, be aware that there will be mud on the trail. Water is almost always running across the trail in spots. If you are careful, you can avoid getting in any of the muck, but kids seem to always find a way to get covered in it :)

The hike follows the edge of a bluff all the way to the end, where the falls pour out of the cliff face. You'll be near some steep drop-offs, which make the trail exciting, but you'll need to keep an eye on small people so they don't get too close.

Early into the hike, you'll come to an overlook viewpoint. From here, you can see Zion National Park in the distance on a clear day.

Midway through the hike, there will be some timber-framed steps and small bridges that will help you keep clear of the mud and water on the trail.

When you reach the end, you'll hear the falls echoing around the alcove surrounding them. The water flow varies, but after a snowy winter, they can be pretty powerful.

It's possible to climb up inside the crevice where the falls come out of the cliff-face, but it's dangerous and probably not advisable - especially when the water levels are high.

Other things to note:

  • There are bathrooms in the parking lot at the trailhead
  • There's no drinking water available
  • Be prepared for a lot of sun and very little shade


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