Desert Glamping Canyonlands!

Stargazer Glamping Canyonlands
Stargazer Glamping Canyonlands

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Welcome to Glamping Canyonlands! Located on your way to Monticello, Utah, or Canyonlands National Park! Glamping Canyonlands is the perfect desert getaway. A place to unplug and reconnect to Mother Earth.

The campsite is literally across the street from the rock formation Church Rock.

You are literally in the middle of the desert.

We stayed in the Stargazer tent. While it claims to sleep two on a queen bed, we easily put four kids on the floor with sleeping bags. 

I loved all the personal touches. Like the dream catcher, the llama sheets, the locally made pillows, the twinkle lights...all of it made for a magical couple of nights.

We also loved that each campsite had its own firepit. Perfect for dinner and s'mores. 

Each site was prepped with a few essential firepit tools too!

There were quite a few fires going nearby, but it made for some lovely sunsets.

There's a kitchen! It's a community tent filled with items you'd need for cooking over a stove or fire.

The tents are filled with tealights (battery-operated) and twinkle lights. Which looks pretty magical at night when it's pitch black out there.

If you've never been under a desert sky to see the Milky Way, you are missing out. The nighttime views of the stars were breathtaking. Everything was so STILL! 

Each morning we were greeted by some hot water, tea, and hot chocolate for the kids! You can also get fresh coffee every morning too. (Included with your stay.)

While the desert is hot during the day, the weather does cool off at night so a hot cup in the morning is just what you need. 

We didn't spend a whole lot of time at the campsite, mainly because it was SOO hot during the day and there is so much to see nearby! Check out the itinerary we made up here. There's definitely a big difference between glamping and staying at a hotel. For instance, instead of watching tv to fall asleep in a tiny stuffy room, you've got the desert sky and stars to lull you to sleep. We sat around the campfire and chatted while the kids ran around picking up tumbleweeds. There isn't much cell service, which again, adds to the charm. It was the perfect way to unplug and reconnect with Mother Earth. 

You can literally feel the heart and soul of Keisha and Erik in the campground that they built from the ground up. Meeting them only sweetened our stay at Glamping Canyonlands!


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