Dinah "Soar" Days Balloon Festival in Vernal!

Dinah "Soar" Days in Vernal 2020
Dinah "Soar" Days in Vernal 2020

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School may be starting, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end. Dinah "Soar" Days is Vernal city's Balloon Festival and it's the perfect way to end your summer! Grab your masks and get a hotel quick in Vernal! They are filling up fast! 

Dinah "Soar" Days is August 28th and 29th. There are plenty of activities for everyone and anyone!

  • Dino Dash down Main Street on FrIday
  • Balloon Night Glow on Main on Friday
  • Dinah Soar Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Balloon Night Glow on Friday
  • Balloon Night Madness Sale
  • Dinaland Car Club Cruz event and
  • Car show Friday night and Saturday
  • Candle Stick on Sat. on South Vernal Ave
  • Craft Booths
  • Battle of the Bands on Friday
  • Saturday night concert
  • Vern & Al party at the Night Glow
  • Chalk Art Festival
  • Bounce Houses
  • Beer garden
  • Running of the Dinos
  • Food Vendors

20+ balloon pilots will be there. Get there early to watch them take off (like 6 am early.)

Have you ever wanted to ride a hot air balloon, maybe even for free?! Hot Air balloons cannot get off the ground without multiple people helping. Get there early and find a pilot and help out, and maybe you'll get a free ride! (We've done this in years past and it's gotten us a ride, but can't guarantee.) 

Chalk art competition anyone?

UTAWESOME will be there and we'd love to meet you. If you find us, come say "Hi" and we'll give you some swag! More information about Vernal's Balloon Festival can be found here

Of course, there are LOTS of other things to do in Vernal. Check out this #UTAWESOME 3-day Vernal itinerary here



do we need to purchase tickets or does it cost any money?

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