Exploring Utah's Sun Tunnels

Exploring Utah's Sun Tunnels
Exploring Utah's Sun Tunnels

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The Sun Tunnels are a sweet art installation that was completed in 1976. There are four concrete tubes laid out in an X shape, with constellations drilled through the tubes.

Each tube is nine feet high by 18 feet long. You can go for a day visit or camp for the night. Most of the time you’ll be by yourself, but if you go during the summer or winter solstice, you’ll probably find groups of people out there camping out to see the tubes line up with the setting and rising sun.

On our last trip, we brought some firewood and hot dogs and had a fire and hung out for a while.

We also brought a hammock to hang in the tubes.

Our kids LOVE climbing all over the tubes. Running up and down the tubes is super fun too.

Even the husband likes to climb all over and see what he can hang on.

Me? I like to sit and watch the kids and husband climb all over.

I love the views through the tubes.

If you are looking for a remote place to visit...you need to go to the Sun Tunnels! 

Be sure to add this to your itinerary!


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