Hiking Sam Stowe Canyon Trail

Hiking Sam Stowe Canyon Trail
Hiking Sam Stowe Canyon Trail

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Right next to the Pit House (see here for more details) we found a trail. We thought maybe the trail would be a short canyon and didn't really plan on hiking far. Come to find out it's a lesser-known trail and we'll have to come back to hike it the whole way someday. 

Right off the trail are some awesome cliffs. We couldn't resist climbing up to see the crack. 

We found lots of fresh bat guano and some kind of animal had been nesting there. 

We kept on the trail and found fall bursting in colors. 

We couldn't believe the colors, they were magical. It was like walking down the river in Zion National Park. 

The canyon seemed to go on and on. We actually flew our drone and found out, it did indeed go quite a ways. 

We hadn't really prepared ourselves to hike the whole way. We didn't bring enough water or the baby carriers, so we hiked only as far as our 2 year old could go. 

We basically ended our hike at this amazing cliff area. 

Next time, we'll have to plan better, but if you are in the area, add this hike to your list! 

Be sure to try and make it in the fall. You won't regret it. 


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