Joe's Valley Reservoir

Joe's Valley Reservoir
Joe's Valley Reservoir

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Joe’s Valley is a hidden gem located in Emery County. Though the main attraction is the reservoir, it also has world-famous bouldering! Joe’s Valley is 20 minutes away from Millsite State Park and three times as big. Fish for muskies and trout, cliff jump, boat, or play at the beach.

The best “beach” is on the east side where the boat dock is.


Joe’s Valley doesn’t have any real epic beach areas, but our kids were happy to play right here.





After an hour we packed it up and went boating with @otc2day and @wanderingfamilies!

Joe’s Valley had minimal crowds compared to some of the boating areas in Northern Utah.


It was refreshing to not have a million people on the water.


Be sure and grab your UTAWESOME sticker from the shop! 

The kids tubed and surfed!


We even found the cliff jumping spot! There were quite a few people there, it looks like you can get there from the road. We can’t NOT go cliff jumping!

We're not normally "boat" people, but this - this was a super fun day. Maybe it's because our kids are a little bit older (or maybe they were completely exhausted already) but it was perfect. 

My kids can't believe how fun tubing is. Our little 6 year old boy had to be pried off of the tube.

Make sure to bring lifejackets for EVERYONE!

After a while, some of the kids were getting restless so we went back to the beach.


We spent another hour there trying to catch crawdads; we came SOO close!

We packed everything and everyone up and headed back to Ferron’s Big Mountain Lodge to have dinner! 

The view on the way out of Joe's Valley is pretty too. 

All along the road is beautiful scenery and a river. If you watch closely, you can see all the bouldering areas near the road!

Be sure to tag #UTAWESOME on your Joe's Valley photos! 


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