The Lace Curtain of MIllard County!

The Lace Curtain of Lava in Delta
The Lace Curtain of Lava in Delta

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The Lace Curtain of Millard County has been on my "list" for over a year now. I read about The Lace Curtain in the Millard County tourism book, but that last time we were out that way we were in an RV. This time, we had #BAYMAXtheVAN and it was time to check it off the list!

We had stayed in Delta to do some exploring, so on our kind-of-way-home-route we decided to hit up The Lace Curtain. When I searched for driving directions on our phone it gave me two options on how to drive there. The photo you see below IS the route we took. It was a dirt road...that quickly turned into an impassable road if you didn't have 4-wheel drive and high clearance. I'm not even sure why our navigation app considered this a road, as I felt that only the pioneers were the last people to take this road. Our adventure van handled it perfectly, but I would not recommend this route to anyone. 

Nonetheless, it was a SUPER COOL road, just pretty much impassable to the everyday vehicle. 

It's hard to tell, but all of our windows were completely dusted with the fluffiest dirt/sand we'd ever driven through. 

If you plug in "Lace Curtain Delta" into google maps, you should get directions right to the spot.

Pahvant Butte was created when a volcano exploded about 15,500 years ago. As the lava flowed and began to cool, it created intricate patterns where oozing drips of lava were frozen in time. The face of the cliff, now known as The Lace Curtain is crazy beautiful!

When we drove up there was one other truck and I could have sworn they were pirates or something. Two men were lugging two large bags filled with dirt (or something else) and were coming down the steep trail to the side of the curtain. Of course, I asked what they were doing and they claimed to be looking for gold. (No joke.)

As per the pirates' suggestion, we trekked up the side of the mountain to stand on top of The Lace Curtain.

It was stunning.

Look how tiny our van looks.

Don't stand too close to the edge, in case the lava isn't very sturdy.

The lava rock was pretty cool and it was amazing that plants were growing out of crevices.

The fluidity of the lava is still evident. I can almost imagine the lava still dripping down. 

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We tried driving all the way up to Payvant Butte (there are multiple roads to do it) but alas, we'd hit some sandy spots and couldn't go any further. We've heard dirt bikes, ATVs and jeeps can make it up. It would have been super cool to try to camp up there too!

It's totally worth hanging out and having a picnic, or even camping out in the Black Rock Desert of Millard County! 

Keep checking our blog, we'll be sharing where we camped next!

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