Playing on the Beach at Navajo Lake

Navajo Lake in Kane County
Navajo Lake in Kane County

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In early July we visited Navajo Lake. We almost didn't stop, but I'm glad we did. We drove #BAYMAXtheVAN right up to the edge, put up our shade, and let the kids go wild.

You can camp, bike, hike, swim, SUP, kayak canoe, and even bring on boats. You can also rent boats from the Lodge on the west side.

I was kicking myself for not bringing the SUP boards or even a kayak. The kids didn't seem to care. They just threw rocks in the water and played in the mud.

You can walk across the dike to the other side or take bikes and ride all around Navajo Lake. The trail goes through a lava rock field and it's surreal. 

Stay for the day, or just visit for a couple of hours.


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