A Quick Stop at Red Canyon Overlook

Red Canyon Overlook
Red Canyon Overlook

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Red Canyon Overlook has some of the best views in Utah. If you are in the vicinity of Flaming Gorge, make sure to stop here.

Our most recent visit was during COVID-19, so the visitor center was closed.  If you do happen to visit when it's open, don't miss the amazing views from inside. There's a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that offers unmatched views of the canyon below.

The visitor center is perched right on the edge of the cliffs, offering views that you'll find nowhere else.

Around the overlook, there are a series of walking paths that lead to different viewpoints. The paths will take 20-30 minutes to walk (if you stop at each overlook) and are accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. They are mostly shaded by ponderosa pines, but the overlooks are out in full sun.  There are several safety fences along the paths, but be sure to keep an eye on little ones.

This is one of our favorite stops, so make sure to add it to your next itinerary.


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