The Republic of Zaqistan

Zaqistan Robot
Zaqistan Robot

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During Cov-19, we’ve had to get creative, start thinking outside of the box for things to do in Utah that were away from crowds. A buddy of ours asked if we’d heard of Zaqistan...a few google searches later we were out for an adventure to find this micronation located in Utah!

We love good side road attractions, but this adventure was even more exciting because it was literally in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere is the perfect place to be right now.

Finding it wasn’t actually super hard for us (luckily), but others have told us it can be a real pain to find. We basically googled it and for the most part and followed the satellite map. There was a fuzzy part of google maps, but we just followed the roads that seemed to go in the general direction and it was all good.

Zaqistan is an official/unofficial micronation in Utah. Some guy named Zaq bought the land for $600 and then created his own seal and passport and declared it a sovereign nation. There is even a border crossing gate. Kind of. I thought for sure we would be the only people out there, but there was a family camped out there. We didn’t cross paths at all - I mean, it is an entire country :).

Zaqistan doesn’t have much, but what it does have is hilarious.

We loved finding the robots, climbing Mount Insurmountable (the highest natural peak in Zaqistan), and checking out all the weird artwork.

You can probably spend a good hour here. Just make sure to wear some sunscreen and bring some water. There is a toilet, but I doubt you’ll want to use it. I’m not sure if it’s an “art installation” or if it really is a toilet. Also, in the summer, watch out for rattlesnakes.


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