Off-Road in Emery County

ATV riding in Emery County
ATV riding in Emery County

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There are amazing ATV trails literally everywhere Emery County, UT.

During our recent stay in Ferron at Big Mountain Lodge, we were able to check out the trails around Millsite State Park. Ferron is a great place to ride since you don't have to load your vehicles up on a trailer and haul them out the the trail - you can just wake up, hop on and go!

The first place we explored was around Millsite State Park.

Around the State Park are dozens of trails that weave in and out of the rock formations. These trails are a lot of fun. Some are a bit technical (which we enjoy), but there are plenty of easy and moderate trails, too.

The trails around the park offer spectacular views of the reservoir and surrounding rock formations.

If you want a full day of riding, Ferron Canyon just past the reservoir offers endless roads and trails. We rode up to Wrigley Springs Reservoir.

At the reservoir (and on the way back down the canyon) there are amazing views to take in. 

We only scratched the surface of the trails around Ferron, UT, but what we did see left us wanting more. We'll definitely be back to ride again.


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