Utah's best kept boating secret; Millsite State Park

Dusk at Millsite State Park
Dusk at Millsite State Park

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In March, I was doing some research on state parks and the photo I saw of Millsite State Park stopped me in my tracks. I immediately told my husband I wanted to go there, the only problem was, we don't own a boat and aren't really "water" people. It must have been fate when our fellow adventurers @OTC2Day and @wanderingfamilies booked a trip to.....MILLSITE STATE PARK! 

Millsite State Park is not very well known...and we're okay with that. It's the least busy place we've been all summer. Located near Ferron in Emery County, Millsite is totally a hidden gem.

We got there around 6 pm and had the beach basically to ourselves.

While right next to the water was muddy, we didn't care, we were just excited to be there. 

Up further by the pavilion is plenty of sand to play in.

We rented some jet skis from Big Mountain Lodge in Ferron. They'll bring the jetskis right to the water for you! 

Big Mountain Lodge is a one-stop-shop! Cabins for rent, jet skis, and OHV rentals plus there is a restaurant! It's the perfect spot to stay, you are close to the San Rafael Swell, bouldering, golfing, fishing, ATV trails, and boating! We'll be sharing more and a coupon soon! 

The clouds at Millsite State Park were really showing off that night. We loved the wide-open space and there was hardly anybody there. 

We parked right by the main pavilion and let the kids play in the sand while we waited for pizza from R-Pizza Place! Check out our next post about the pizza, it deserves its own write-up! 

Keep reading on to see our full Itinerary! 


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