Rope Swinging at Burraston Ponds near Mona Utah

Rope Swinging at Burraston Ponds near Mona Utah
Rope Swinging at Burraston Ponds near Mona Utah

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For years we've heard about the Mona Rope Swings and just barely had the chance to visit! I wish we would have done it so much sooner. 

I'm kind of blown away by the fact that there is actually still a place that allows you to do something "dangerous" and fun. Most rope swings I've come by are usually chopped down sooner than later, so to see multiple places to use rope swings was kind of mind blowing.

This particular spot was the most popular with the most daring rope swings. We went off a few of them, but this section of the pond isn't deep, like maybe 5-6'. We were told by the young bucks there to kind of squat when you jump in the water. 

It was quite the popular place. For some reason I thought maybe we'd have it to ourselves in the middle of the day but that was just a ridiculous dream.

There are multiple rope swings and multiple trees to jump off of. This particular spot was much deeper, although we touched the bottom when we jumped - meaning, my toes felt the muddy bottom. 

There were lots of SUP, kayaks and even a bunch of guys playing on a giant fallen log. Just a good old fashioned way to play! There are also picnic tables, but I don't think camping is allowed. It's more a free day-use place. 

After jumping in a few times we found some shade for lunch. 

There's a two fish limit at the pond and you do need a license. No bites for me. 

Burraston Pond is a beautiful little oasis in the middle of the desert. 

Sadly, there was A LOT of trash. We've taken to keeping some grocery bags to pick up whatever we can fit in our bag to throw away. There are dumpsters and bathrooms, so let's do our part and keep everything lovely and clean. 

We'll definitely be making Mona Rope Swings at Barrostan ponds a regular thing! 

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